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Teddy Bear Restorations and Stuffed Animal Repairs

We Restore Your Memories and Create New Ones!

At the Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh we perform a restoration on your much-loved teddy bear or stuffed animal with loving care. Old, somewhat old or bitten by a rambunctious puppy - our restoration or repair process is right for you!

When you weren't looking your old pal (that stuffed animal from your childhood years), remained somewhat uncared for in your corner cupboard. We want to reunite the two of you. Our services include restorations, repairs & general TLC for all stuffed animals.

Of course, it's possible that your family heirloom teddy bear needs a bit of special, safe preservation, so we also offer custom-made archival storage solutions!

For your beloved old teddy bear, our restoration process starts with a general cleaning. From that point we determine what kind of delicate, often intricate repairs might be needed.

Like Benny (seen here),

Teddy bear repair and stuffed animal repairA dog chewed off his forehead and the eyes and white eye shadows came off - after cleaning, we re-fit the eyes, carried out a lobotomy and patched up his forehead. Before he was mailed back to Cali as the bride's wedding gift, Benny was also given an archival home.

We will match a missing eye as closely as possible to the original one. The originality of your teddy bear is important to us, so we hesitate adding any non-original aspects to your loved one. But if you want a new bow tie we can provide one made of velvet or silk or a favorite tie you send along with the bear.

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Please contact us if you have any questions!

Babies & Bears is our store front

If you are in the Pittsburgh area we recommend you stop by for a first-hand restoration. While at the Hospital you can also visit our gift store called Babies & Bears. We carry items for the newborn nursery or for the newborns themselves. Yes, we have teddy bears but we also carry antique toys and items, which may perk up your baby's nursery. Most of our items are handmade.

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tel : 412.687.2868
4304 Butler Street ( at 43rd street in Lawrenceville )
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