Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh We Restore Your Memories and Create New Ones

Our Policy

Our estimates for restoration/conservation of toys are free of charge. Service cost is based on condition of toy and the services requested. An estimate is a general guideline of the approximate time it will take us to complete the requested restoration/conservation. Any variation of the original estimate will be shared immediately with you. If the estimated timeline has changed due to unavoidable issues of restoration you will be able to stop the restoration and pay the bill as final. Communication with you shall be at a reasonable pace. Completion of work is unique to each toy. Discounts are standard for military servicemen or women and if more than one toy is being serviced at once. After payment is received all toys shall be returned within a reasonable period of time. All service sales are final and are non-refundable, however a client might request augmentations and will thus be billed for extra work.

Our Garantee

Your toy was received by us here at the Teddy Bear Hospital of Pittsburgh with a specific order for restoration/conservation. We know you are relying on our creative efforts to restore and conserve your toy. We will follow your wishes as closely as possible and will dedicate our efforts for the safe return of the toy.
Restorative service begins when a toy is received on premises. All specialized work on toy is considered proprietary and unique. All toys shall be given a one to three year health certificate (with the exception of canine attacks) and copies of the process in photographic format.